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  • Residential Window Cleaning

    We provide cleaning of all types of windows, even the hard to reach ones of your home in the Burlington, Middlebury, Essex, Shelburne, Rutland and the rest of the Vermont area. You can always rely on All Around Window Washing to take the utmost care of your residence as we clean your windows. We work quietly, quickly and efficiently as we move around your home so that we cause the least disruption to you.  We pay attention to detail!!

    Our window cleaning services include:

    • Free professional bids, (good for 30 days) customized to your specific circumstance
    • Washing inside and outside surfaces of all windows (including both sides of storm sashes if present),
    • upstairs and down (we also will be happy to wash only the exterior surfaces if you’d prefer)
    • Removal, dusting and replacement of any screens
    • Cleaning of all exterior and interior sills
    • Discounted price structures for hassle-free recurring window cleaning
    • Free assessment of the health of your windows and window systems. We’ll let you know if we come across items that may need attention, such as loose or suspect caulking, cracked and cloudy windows, siding or weather-stripping in need of repair or replacement and any visible evidence of water damage or rot that we can see
  • Mirrors, Chandeliers and Skylights

    We also offer Interior glass cleaning such as mirrors, chandeliers and more. Your Chandelier is a focal point in your house, so let All Around Window Washing bring back its original Sparkle. We ll know that cleaning any mirror can be a hassle, leaving streaks and making it look worse than when you started, Let the pros handle your mirrors. Remember if there is something you need washed and do not see it here, just ask Wes when he stops by for your window cleaning and we will let you know.

    Without the right equipment skylights can be challenging and dangerous. Leave it to Wes and All Around Window Washing.  We’re more than happy to clean these inside and out and let the sun brighten your home once again.

  • Gutter Cleaning

    When was the last time your rain gutters & down spouts were thoroughly cleaned and flushed? Gutters & down spouts are an important part of your home’s Beauty & weatherproofing system. For many homeowners, their gutter system is a secondary concern and often gets overlooked. Don’t make that mistake!! Let All Around Window Washing clean those gutter & Downspouts for you.

  • Commercial & Storefronts

    We maintain storefronts and commercial buildings in the Burlington, Middlebury area and the rest of Vermont, helping you to achieve a polished look to give your customers a great first impression. We provide cleanings weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semiannually, and annually, tailoring our services to the needs of you and your business.

    Regardless of your budget, All Around Window Washing can put together a program for you. We provide the peace of mind that licensed, bonded, and insured window cleaners will be maintaining the appearance of your business.

    Why people trust All Around Window Washing;

    • We are fully Insured, Bonded and OSHA Certified
    • We offer hassle free service
    • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee
    • Customized cleaning schedules
    • Free Estimates
    • We care about you our customer
    • We show up when we say we will
    • We will follow up on estimates and bids