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About All Around Window Washing

My Name is Wesley Odell; I have lived in Middlebury Vermont my whole life. I am a father of 8 amazing children and I am actively involved in their sports and a proud community member of our small town. I had worked for 12 years washing windows for another company and built a reputation with many local businesses and home owners for my hard work and excellent service over the years. I have over 15 years of experience cleaning and washing windows.  I have been the face they trust and know. This year I decided it was time to branch out on my own with my brother Michael & build something we could share with our family and be proud of, to be able to give a quality window cleaning service guaranteed personally by me at a cost I feel is affordable while giving you a chance to have a local family business service all your window cleaning needs. I love what I do and I am skilled at it, I promise your windows will never have been cleaner, because when I am washing windows I am building something to pass on to my children. While I’m cleaning windows I know those are the windows you will be watching your children play in the yard, or your watching your college student drive out of the yard. I want your vision of them to be as clear as my vision for my company is! Business owners, I want you to be able to be proud of your establishment as your customers walk up to the window to peer at all our local products inviting them in to your establishments. When you hire me you are hiring a man who takes pride in his work who guarantees his service and is building something for his community and children to be proud of. I am the man you want washing your windows because I am more than just a window cleaner in Vermont. Call me today for a free estimate and you won’t be disappointed with the way that I wash windows!!


At this time Michael Odell lives in the Burlington Vermont area and is taking care of the behind the scenes of our new company, having a degree in business from Plymouth State College and working in the customer service and advertising business for over 17 years, teaming up with his brother just made sense. Working in the restaurant business and in customer service for many years I know how important quality service and great customer service are, and that they are 2 key factors to having a successful business. This is why I guarantee that the work we perform cleaning windows, and the customer service we give to you will be second to none! At this time I am taking care of the business side of the company, such as this website, the Logos, marketing and advertising and the social media, but don’t worry, at times you will see me out and about helping Wes take care of our customers, washing windows and making sure your windows are cleaned properly.


At All Around Window Washing we believe everything worth doing is worth doing right the first time, and we take great pride and satisfaction in every window cleaned, every storefront window washed and in everything we do. We offer unparalleled customer service to all of our clients, big or small and stand behind our work with a 100% guarantee!!  Call us today to get your windows cleaned professionally, whether you have a home, office or storefront with windows to be washed.